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Download Safe Torrent Without Getting Caught Using Zbigz

Safe Torrent are possible with zbigz and these are normal torrents which can’t be traced back to you, making you able to download torrents safely anonymously without getting caught and there are a couple of ways you can do this but today i will writing about Zbigz and there cloud torrent downloading services has helped download torrent files anonymously for more than 5 years.

Disclaimer: we don’t advise anybody to download or distribute copyrighted materials on the web illegally. After all… it’s illegal…

Hundreds of thousands of individuals are using torrenting web sites to looks for files on the web and download them. As I write this there are 6.761.168 registered users on The Pirate Bay (the most popular torrent website) and over 6 million torrents to select from. Whether it’s movies, music, software program or anything else – there’s a torrent for every thing. However how do you download a torrent file to your computer anonymously using Zbigz and with out leaving footprints that would lead right to you?

Those who use torrents regularly know, that everything they download can be traced back to them, and, if there’s any illegal file down/upload going on, they will face charges and a few serious fees. However, there are methods to download torrent files completely anonymous, with out letting anyone know that you downloaded anything.

Some recommend using an costly VPN service or a proxy that would hide ones IP addresssome tell you to move to another country with no extradition… There’s also both free and paid software program (VPN proxy like BTGuard) which you could download onto your laptop, however that is generally way too complicated in comparison with the method described below. You won’t need to enter any customized settings, download or even set up anything in any respect!

Let me simply share the easiest way I know how to safely download torrents without getting caught and setting off any red flags.


Best Way to Download Safe Torrent Anonymously

How awesome would it be when you could simply ask someone to download the torrent you like and then simply get the file from them? Well, there is a service that does exactly that.

Zbigz is a service that acts as a middle man between you and the file you want to download. As an alternative of downloading a file from any given server straight to your laptop, which makes it traceable, you’ll be able to just tell Zbigz what to download for you and then take the file straight from their protected servers, absolutely anonymous.

It’s as if you asked your friend to download something for you, and the only thing you would do to is acquire a thumb drive with the downloaded file on it. This way your involvement in the download is completely untraceable and nobody will ever know that you were behind the torrent download.


How to use Zbigz

Zbigz has both free service and premium service, the free service is good but if you want better get your self a Zbigz premium account. It’s not that expensive. It can go as low as $3.


Zbigz Free Account Comes With

  • 7 days file storage
  • Maximum speed of 150kpbs flat!
  • File size upload restriction
  • Ads
  • Maximum number of 2 files you can leech and download simultaneously

zbigz free

Zbigz Premium Account Comes With

  • Unlimited speed
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited number of files
  • Unlimited size of files
  • Video and Music streaming
  • Offline caching
  • Dedicated channels and servers
  • No ads

zbigz premium

After that, open the Downloader, paste your torrent link (or magnet link) inside the box and press submit. Now Zbigz will download the file you’ve selected for you, and you can download it straight from their servers. You don’t even need to install a torrent client or any other software program on your laptop.

Safe Torrent

Since many individuals use the service, you will find that some torrents will download “instantly”, just because Zbigz already has the file on their servers. After telling Zbigz to download a torrent for you, you will have around 3 to 6 days (always different for some purpose) to download the file to your laptop safely and with out letting anybody know if you are a free user but for premium users, you have unlimited number of days as long as your premium account remains active.


Download torrents even faster!

Whenever you download a torrent, you’re normally automatically downloading it from multiple sources at the same time. However, you’re often either limited by the speed of your broadband connection or the amount of people, who’re sharing the file with you. So how can you download torrents even faster than you do right now? Use Zbigz Premium!

As I already advised you above,Zbigz stores loads of fashionable torrents in the cloud already, which lets you download them straight from their servers. If the file is not yet within the cloud though, Zbigz will download it for you with an absolutely incredible speed: I saw speeds up to 200 Mbps!

Another cool trick Zbigz can do it streaming torrents. Since you’re most likely using torrents to download movies in most cases anyway, there’s actually no need for you to download the entire file on your pc or mobile device. Simply add the torrent to the Downloaded, let Zbigz download it for you and easily stream the entire thing with out downloading it. But this feature is only available to Zbigz Premium Users!

So, the fastest way for you to watch a popular movie torrent is just taking the magnet link, adding it to the downloader and pressing Stream. All of that can take you 10 seconds (if the torrent is already within the cloud).


Zbigz is the very best torrent client alternative

Old-school torrenting methods are often not as secure as you assume they are. By moving everything to the cloud you not only replace your uTorrent, BitTorrent or any other torrent client on your PC with a good looking web UI, but also hide your IP address from anybody who tries to find it with out the need to use an additional VPN or proxy. Use Zbigz to download Safe Torrent.

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