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Fake Facebook Accounts & How to Identify Them


Fake Facebook Accounts are becoming more rampant with time and turning into a fake user in the community of active billion users is sort of fun for some people, but they don’t know sometimes it ends with broken hearts and trust. Facebook, the social media community where your hear lot’s of grievance about fake Facebook accounts, pages and so on and we don’t know how many friends on our account are fake, and mostly are female profiles.  Fakers are very serious about creating fake female profiles with a hot and beautiful display picture (DP), and photos are mostly stolen from anybody’s actual female Facebook account or web. If you’re a female, so please take care of your images by making use of privacy settings on Facebook over your profile pictures and album photos.Fake Facebook Accounts

Fake Facebook Accounts & How to Identify Them

I would be giving out 5 tips & techniques on how you can know and identify Fake Facebook Accounts.


Tip 1 – How Old is the Account?

Typically, a fake profile is not older than a year. Even a faker is not interested in working old fake accounts because the folks connected to the profile will slowly begin to understand the real identity and that is the end of the fun. I know that fake profiles are mostly newly joined Facebook, and that’s when you catch the account red-handed.

Old account vs New account

Old account vs New Fake account

To know when the account was created, go the profile> scroll down> click on the recent years> and see the list of years and now the year shown above the date of birth is the year when account created.


Tip 2 – Fake Date Of Birth

The most common fake date of birth is 1 January, but know they are smarter and they select the date of birth that appears real. According to my understanding it appears real but Go to their timeline, and choose the month of the birthday to see if they had any birthday wishes


Tip 3 – Profile Pictures

Show image is one the most effective way of knowing just how fake the person really is. The profile picture of a fake Fb account is usually taken from someone’s actual account or from the internet. You may simply search the account’s profile picture on Google. Simply obtain the profile picture> go to  Google images> Click on on the add digicam icon> add profile picture image> and see the outcomes. If Google reveals the outcomes with the identical images on a number of internet pages, then it’s a fake account.


Tip 4 – Friend’s List

Women’s account is mostly filled with so many male friend requests and a woman normally does not accept all those male friend requests. The friend list of a female profile is normally hidden, however when it’s public, then certainly verify the friends record of the profile. Look at that the amount of friends and it should not be in hundreds and largely shouldn’t be guys. They always have such large number of friends because they accept all friend requests on their account.


Tip 5 – Timeline Posts & Pictures

The account you assume to be fake but maybe it’s not! If the female account is real, their timeline and picture album should be full of different pictures at different locations with different people, not all the pictures should be hotIt is best to check their photo albums and discover 2-three pictures of the person. In conclusion, not all pictures with hot girls are Fake Facebook Accounts.

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