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      • 100389 kills –50078 deaths kdr=2
        4678 win vs 1899 lost
        13690 grenades vs 20240 headshoots
        I’ve upgrade assault, recon,heavy, support with all skills other not fully
        and assault and recon mk7 others mk6 or mk5. Do have also 700+ coins

  1. Hi I have a account level 81 vip 7 sapper and bounty hunter class unlock and the dragon pack I have like 60 credits and 1.5 million diamond dust and I have a lot off pro guns I wanna sell it

    • Hello, Wilmy Rodriguez. I will contact you via email and we shall continue discussion on your account you want to put up for sale.

      • Do contact me if there is an Android account for sale..with all armours unlocked and sapper class fully upgraded with all weapons

  2. I would like to buy an account for ios only all guns and armors, and classes unlocked for maybe $50 US, also no ads. Doesnt have to have veteran profile.

  3. Dear Paul hello. i have a very good mc5 account for sale ANDROID platform. i would like to send you info about it alongside with some screenshots. i have created a paypal business account to be able to receive payment but im not sure how can i actually hand it over to the client i cant seem to find an option to change the google account the game is linked to, and i dont know if that is even necessary to begin with.
    i would appreciate your consultation and help hopefully.
    please lemme know if its ok for me to send you an email or how to proceed.

  4. Heya, paulara I wanna sell my Mc5 account it is 120 lvl with 7 armours that are izagini, wearwolf, ares, Anubis, legion, hazard, Santa 😉 I wanna sell it for $55 🙂

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