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  1. Preston says:

    I’m interested in buying one

    1. Paularo says:

      ok. i will contact you via your email address.

  2. Ken says:

    Me I’m interested.

    1. Paularo says:

      Ken, ok. i will contact you via your email address.

  3. Tommaso says:

    I’m interested… Please contact me

    1. Paularo says:

      Ok, Tommaso. I have contacted you.

  4. Raul Tim says:

    I’m interested Please quote the details and price! And reply to my email asap!
    Thank You

    1. Paularo says:

      OK, Raul Tim i have sent you an email.

  5. Shrey says:

    I want your account!

  6. Shrey says:

    I want your account!!

    1. Paularo says:

      I have contacted you via email. Let’s negotiate from there

  7. Joshua says:

    I want the account

    1. Paularo says:

      ok, Joshua. I will contact you via email

  8. StojaN says:

    I’m interested.

  9. Sj says:

    I’m entrusted in buying one

    1. Paularo says:

      I will contact you via email

  10. LEDIO says:

    How can I sell my account too!

    1. Paularo says:

      you can tell me your account stats. Send it to me here

      1. LEDIO says:

        100389 kills –50078 deaths kdr=2
        4678 win vs 1899 lost
        13690 grenades vs 20240 headshoots
        I’ve upgrade assault, recon,heavy, support with all skills other not fully
        and assault and recon mk7 others mk6 or mk5. Do have also 700+ coins

        1. Paularo says:

          ok. LEDIO. I will create a post about your account for sale. Send me How you want to receive payment when someone wants to buy. Thanks.

        2. Paularo says:

          Is the account a Veteran account and how much do you want to sell it?

  11. Paularo says:

    Ok. Android Platform

  12. LEDIO says:

    Yes it’s veteran! And I’m thinking for 250€ or 300 €

    1. Paularo says:

      Ok, Veteran is the best! But 250-300 Euros is too expensive for some sellers

      1. LEDIO says:

        Well can you suggest me a price?

        1. Paularo says:

          Is your account on android or iOS platform?

          1. LEDIO says:

            Android platform

  13. Anthony says:

    I would like a account

    Send me a email on prices

    1. Paularo says:

      Ok, Anthony. I will contact you on the accounts i have for sale and their prices

  14. wilmy rodriguez says:

    Hi I have a account level 81 vip 7 sapper and bounty hunter class unlock and the dragon pack I have like 60 credits and 1.5 million diamond dust and I have a lot off pro guns I wanna sell it

    1. Paularo says:

      Hello, Wilmy Rodriguez. I will contact you via email and we shall continue discussion on your account you want to put up for sale.

      1. Vinu says:

        Do contact me if there is an Android account for sale..with all armours unlocked and sapper class fully upgraded with all weapons

  15. wilmy rodriguez says:

    It is also diamond league and I pass all the mission 219 stars and good stats
    It’s on android

    1. Alexander Grant says:

      I’ll buy it…………….

      1. wilmy rodriguez says:

        Text me
        Kik. Zgwk_lev _
        Skype ranktool mods

      2. Paularo says:

        You can contact me via email or contact wilmy Rodriguez directly because he is the owner of the account.

  16. KingUnitato says:

    I would like to buy an account for ios only all guns and armors, and classes unlocked for maybe $50 US, also no ads. Doesnt have to have veteran profile.

    1. Paularo says:

      Hello, King Unitato, i don’t have any iOS account for sale. I’m sorry

    2. Mitesh says:

      Hey bro you still wanna buy an iOS platform account?.

  17. rony says:

    Dear Paul hello. i have a very good mc5 account for sale ANDROID platform. i would like to send you info about it alongside with some screenshots. i have created a paypal business account to be able to receive payment but im not sure how can i actually hand it over to the client i cant seem to find an option to change the google account the game is linked to, and i dont know if that is even necessary to begin with.
    i would appreciate your consultation and help hopefully.
    please lemme know if its ok for me to send you an email or how to proceed.

    1. Paularo says:

      Hello, Rony. Everyone is free to send me an email. I will provide support and assist you,

      1. rony says:

        Much appreciated 🙂 i have sent you 2 emails with details.

  18. Mitesh says:

    Heya, paulara I wanna sell my Mc5 account it is 120 lvl with 7 armours that are izagini, wearwolf, ares, Anubis, legion, hazard, Santa 😉 I wanna sell it for $55 🙂

    1. Paularo says:

      Hello, Mitesh.
      The account you want to sell, what platform is it? Android or iOS?

      1. Mitesh says:

        It is iOS platform

        1. Paularo says:

          That’s nice. I have people that want to buy an iOS MC5 account

          1. Mitesh says:

            Kk bro that’s great but my kid sucks it’s 1.381 I guess yeah but really have 7 armours and all classes unlocked including Sapper and bounty hunter 😉 though I don’t know how would I be paid if anyone wanna buy em aswell can you suggest me with something ? 🙂

  19. Mitesh says:

    Kill death ratio* I meant 😉

    1. Paularo says:

      ok. It’s always best to sell via PayPal for security and safety.

      1. Mitesh says:

        Ohh bro but I m only 17 and via PayPal shows you should be 18 plus so can I make a fake account or not possible? Or should I use my elder brothers name to make one?

  20. Harish says:

    I’m interested to buy this account

  21. Dipesh b pun says:

    I am intrested for this account

    1. Paularo says:

      Hello, Dipesh B Pun. The account is still available. How much do you want to buy it?

      1. dipesh pun says:

        give me discounted price . I have no idea how much it cost

        1. Paularo says:

          ok, dipesh. Discounted price is $50 via PayPal

          1. dipesh pun says:

            please conform what am I buying a account or a guide for mc5

          2. Paularo says:

            You are buying an MC5 account, not a guide. Do you want to buy a guide for MC5?

          3. dipesh pun says:

            conform please! all class and weapon unlocked ? and also is this legit account that I will not get banned? what os or I can transfer to either android or ios .no I don’t want guide

          4. Paularo says:

            This is a legit account, no issues of ban. All weapons and classes unlocked. It is an Android account.

          5. dipesh pun says:

            ok I want to buy .

          6. Paularo says:

            ok, give me time to check the account and make sure everything is ok

          7. Paularo says:

            Hello, what exactly do you want in the MC5 account? Please state what you want.

          8. dipesh pun says:

            all weapons, classes and armor

          9. dipesh pun says:

            account not connected to google game play

          10. Paularo says:

            ok. all weapons armour and classes unlocked but the account it connected to google gameplay

          11. dipesh pun says:

            proceed me for payment

          12. Paularo says:

            I have contacted one of my sellers. He has all armours and wants to sell for $100. No more discounted price. Sorry bro

          13. dipesh pun says:

            no worries let me know if you have same deal in future

          14. Paularo says:

            ok, i will let you know. Also, what is the highest price you can offer?

          15. dipesh pun says:

            $60 max ……………

          16. Paularo says:

            ok, let me inform the seller

          17. Paularo says:

            Sorry, he said $80 last.

          18. dipesh pun says:

            $70 instant payment

          19. Paularo says:

            let me contact the seller.

          20. dipesh says:

            have you got any response from seller?

          21. Paularo says:

            He asked if you do western union transfer? He is ready to sell.

          22. dipesh says:

            paypal for security . if something wrong I can resolution

          23. Paularo says:

            yes. i understand. PayPal has more security than western union. You can get money back incase of fraud. I will tell the seller about this.

          24. dipesh says:

            so to whome I am sending money?

          25. Paularo says:

            wait. you are not sending any money yet. We haven’t reached any agreement

          26. dipesh says:

            so you are middleman so I will pay you and how about login info . also I need a google recovery info if account connected to google game .

          27. Paularo says:

            Yes, i am the middle man. You will pay me, i will send the login info to you. The account is a facebook account going for $80.

          28. dipesh says:

            not only login info . help desk info too for facebook . is facebook have phone number ?

          29. Paularo says:

            Yes. facebook has phone number

          30. dipesh says:

            send me an invoice of $80 to my paypal

          31. dipeesh says:

            hello is there any other way to contact you.

          32. Paularo says:

            what other way do you want?

          33. dipesh says:

            for private chat . how you gonna send me the login info then

          34. Paularo says:

            ok. Send me mail at

        2. dipesh pun says:

          also I have a account level 82 . vip level 5 will you trade

          1. Paularo says:

            Sorry, Dipesh. I don’t trade accounts.

      2. dipesh pun says:

        all weapon armor and class unlocked .

  22. Daksh says:

    I am interested in buying if it on Android

    1. Paularo says:

      Yes, it is on Android.

  23. Martin says:

    Is the account still available willing to give 75 us dollars

    1. Paularo says:

      Yes. i have this account for sale. What exactly are you interested in? The veteran account?

  24. Connor says:

    I’m interested in your MC5 account

    1. Connor says:

      Nevermind I need it on Ios

      1. Paularo says:

        Sorry, Connor. I have only Android accounts for now

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