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How To Activate MTN Magic SIM for Unlimited Downloading


mtn magic sim

This is the latest free browsing exploit on MTN and it’s called MTN Magic Sim. This is not a scam or joke, it’s the real thing and i am here to confirm that it is working 100%. I have tried it and that’s exactly what i am using to write this article. No more paying for MTN Internet data.


  • a Registered MTN Sim Card
  • Exactly N250 MTN Airtime loaded on the sim
  • a Mobile Device – Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phones, Java, Symbian etc.

How it Works

  • Recharge exactly N250 Airtime on your MTN-NG Sim Card. You can load N300 credit and transfer the remaining N50 after dialing the code, so you don’t have any money that MTN can deduct
  • Dial *131*1*4*1# to subscribe to MTN 2 hours data plan
  • the sum of N250 would be deducted and you would receive this message


  • After subscribing ,start Browsing Using WhatsApp, BBM to chat and all for 2 hours, Don’t Download Anything or Stream because we are trying not to exhaust the 2H plan you subscribed for.
  • After 2 Hours of just strictly browsing – Remove the SIM immediately from your mobile device or modem or Mifi and keep idle for 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, insert the sim back to your mobile device or modem and start browsing and downloading Unlimitedly!


  • If you recieve this message that your 2H plan has expired, ignore it and Enjoy your New Unlimited MB MTN Magic Sim!


    • It is a good thing to have unlimited browsing without any need for buying internet mb plans and without using any external VPN service. It’s simply the best. Tell your friends to visit this great blog!

  1. Hi I tried this magic sim , browsed for like 30mins with it and removed for 24hrs after that insert d sim and it refuses to browse dunno whats happening please help !!

    • Hello, Stephen you did not follow my tutorial. If you did you would know that you are meant to simple browse for 2 hours, not 30 minutes. It can’t work. Follow my steps carefully and stop wasting your money.

  2. Worked like majic, to my surpries. Thanks Boss. However, can i load airtym on the sim after d majic begins?? don’t wnt to mk mistks dt wld lead to it stopping.

    • You are welcome. Jerry. I really don’t know if loading credit can make your line get disconnected but I don’t think so. I personally don’t load credit on my magic sim cards.

    • No. It won’t expire even after browsing for 2 hours because you didn’t exhaust all the MB allocated to the plan. Highest message you should get at that stage is “You have used 50%”. Which is good.

  3. The 24 hrs u spoke about, is it 24 hrs. After we subscribe to the plan or 24 hrs after we finish browsing for d 2 hrs

    • Yes you can. You can use it on any device, iPhones, iPads, Windows Phone, Modems even your MiFi and you can use any mtn sim, old or new.

  4. Oh thanks Paul, it can’t be used on blackberry and if yes, How? Can you explain further? And again, I got to noticed that your sim has to be a nano sim incase you’re using an iphone. nano Sims are so scarce.

    • Yes, it would work on blackberry, you don’t need any special settings for blackberry or any other device. Nano sims are not scarce.

  5. A friend of mine said that he didn’t have to wait for 24 hours. He said after the 2 hours, he turned off his data and turned it back on and it continued working. He has been using it for 2 days now. How true is this Paul. Will it work ?

    • Phemmy, different strokes for different folks.. I’m not sure of that method. What i’m sure of is the 24 hours method and i have posted it above.

  6. When I inserted the sim on my Blackberry Q5. It didn’t work, I tried using the web and other app but won’t just work. Please Paul, is there any method that I need to apply?

    • You need to first test that the magic sim is properly working, either using a modem or an android device. After confirming that it is working.. You need to change your MTN APN from blackberry.net to web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net

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