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How To Increase Your Internet Speed Using Speedify


Speedify makes the Internet faster, more importantly it makes your internet faster. Say Goodbye to slow internet speed, slow web page response time, high latency and lagging issues during online gaming.


We all need Speedify in all our lives because i know how frustrating life can be when you have slow internet speed, Believe me, i have been there. You want to get things done but you can’t because you have a crappy, unstable slow internet connection. You know, having a slow internet connection is a crime in the 21st Century, you can even get killed for having a slow public wifi, lol, i am kidding but the fact is you can’t survive in the 21st Century with a slow internet connection. You need Speedify!


What is Speedify?

In one word – Speedify makes the Internet Better. Look at it this way. If you have multiple slow internet connections, it helps you combine all those internet connection thus bonding them together to produce one better, superior and faster Internet Connection. It works!


How Does Speedify Work?

It takes your 3G/4G/WiFi and wired networks, combines them together and creates a super fast, reliable internet connection depending on all the connections you hooked up together. Don’t expect a super fast connection if the connections you bonded together aren’t fast to begin with. This is not magic!



It works with mobile devices, as well as computers.

    • Laptop – a window’s PC or Mac
    • Mobile device – Android or iPhones, iPads etc.
    • Multiple Internet Connections  – 3G/4G/WiFi/Wired Connections.
    • and sufficient Internet Bandwidth


How To Increase Your Internet Speed Using Speedify

    • Download Speedify on your Laptop or Mobile Device.


    • Register an account with them, with your username and password and make sure you verify your account.
    • Install and Run the software
    • Log into your account
    • Plug in all your wired adapters for your wired connections, Connect your phone to your laptop via USB or Bluetooth Tethering, Connect your laptop to your Router or Phone or Tablet’s WiFi Hotspot network. This set-up is what i use for my Online Gaming! Works pretty well.


    • Select a server to connect to. Pick the server closest to you because you would get maximum speed from selecting a server closest to you.


    • All your internet connections are automatically identified by Speedify, as you can see in the above picture. If you aren’t having problems adding your  Internet Connections, make sure you connected your laptop to all your internet connections. 3G/4G/WiFi/Wlan (Wired Connections)
    • Monitor your new Super-Fast Internet Connection with  Increased internet speed and Bandwidth
    • This is the trial version! You can use only up to 1GB of data from their servers before you are asked to pay. But, believe me, it’s totally worth every penny! Go for Premium!


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