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How To Become an Android Developer


How To Become an Android Developer is really not that hard, all you need to do is take this Beginner’s course which has little or no coding to prepare yourself for more Android Development and as you gain experience you move from Beginner – Intermediate – Expert – Mastery level.

How To Become an Android Developer

I became an android developer in the year 2015, even before i started with the installation of android studio and SDK, it took sometime for me to actually start learning android development. It seemed like a daunting task, it is still a daunting tasks but i’m going through it. Android is the fastest growing mobile platform and it is very popular with a large database of apps created by different people because the Android Operating System is Open Source meaning anyone can download the required SDK and tools and create something new which leads to more innovative ideas and development.


This article is for those who want to learn android development from the very scratch. You have no coding or programmer’s knowledge, you have never done anything as hard as this before in your life, you don’t even know the programming language used for android development – It’s Java by the way. Many people have become android developers without having any background experience or knowledge about Java or any other programming language – Like Myself. I never liked programming languages, i felt they were too hard and boring but 6 months into Android Development as a developer i still feel the same way because i’m at the Intermediate level now and it’s not getting any easier but regardless how hard it becomes, i would stick to it until i am done with the series – Beginner, Intermediate and Expert.



  • Internet Connection to acquire and day-to-day follow up of the course.
  • a windows PC – Laptop or Desktop : You install Android Studio or Eclipse IDE here which is the environment needed for android development
  • and common knowledge about the computer


How To Become an Android Developer

Getting Started with this Beginner’s course is one of the best ways to start your career as an Android developer because i have gone through this same course and it was so fun and easy. The instructors – Kunal, Coffee Lady and the Asian chick, they made learning Java programming language not as hard and cracked up as it was meant to be. Of course, they are going to be challenges because we have different brains, it may be far more easier for you or harder for you but stick with it and you will prevail.


This course is coming from Udacity, there are other online tutorial institutions out there for you to try but i recommend Udacity because they make learning Android development look easy.

Click on Android Development for Beginners

This Course is free for 14 days. You can learn everything within 14 days without paying a dime or you could simply download the entire course off the Internet, if you know your way.

Learn How To Become an Android Developer Today! Visit Google Android Developer Webpage to get started.


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