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How To Use BitCQ – Torrent Search Site


Torrent Search Site brings out needed useful torrent, not random, distracting and overwhelming content. When you learn how to properly use a torrent search site, you would get more useful torrent files.

Torrents are awesome, those that know the importance of torrents would strongly agreed to this. Torrents has been in existence which way back dating back more than 15 years ago. You may not like torrent files because of the process it takes to download them which involves you having a bit torrent client which is like a download manager specifically made to download only torrent files and back then when torrents just came out, it was the only way you could download torrents but with the advancement of time, more ways opened up giving way for more ways to download torrents, one of those ways include using a premium leecher to leech (convert) your torrent files to normal downloadable files and you can find the tutorial here – How To Download Torrent Files With IDM Using Seedr

Torrent Search Site

In this tutorial, i am here to show you today – How To Use BitCQ – Torrent Search Site and this includes a number of things you need to know. I am not here to give you a Beginner’s lecture, i am here simply to show you how you can maximum your search engine to find torrent files, easily and more efficiently.


What is BitCQ?

BitCQ is a free, light and fastest torrent search site. Think of it as the google for torrents, since torrents are illegal most torrent sites and there content cannot be indexed by Google and this means they won’t appear in Google search but you can use BitCQ instead and get access to all available torrent site that has the torrent file you searched for.


How To Use BitCQ – Torrent Search Site

  • Stop using normal search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc to search for files
  • Use search engines like BitCQ – BitCQ is a search engine which helps in searching files within a group of active torrents sites giving you the best search results with multiple file options ranging not only based on a site’s database but multiple site’s database.


  • Type in any you want to search in the search box and the result comes out


  • In the search result, you can see the different torrents site’s logos which makes this search brings results from different sites.
  • This is a good way to Properly search for Torrents because this provides more torrent files across multiple active and livesites


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