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How To Receive Online Money From Companies Globally With Payoneer


Payoneer is used to receive money online. Today is a good day to discuss about money but more importantly receiving money, which is something everybody likes to do. Just as we love spending money, receiving money is better because it gives us the guarantee to spend money later because we have received money. We are talking about receiving money online i.e online money. Sadly enough, most of us have never received money online before, well it maybe because of the following reasons;

  • Your country has been blacklisted from receiving money because of the actions of past criminals and crimes we didn’t commit.
  • We have no means of receiving money online because we have no accounts set-up for that purpose. I’m sure we all have Facebook accounts and other social media accounts but we don’t have an account which primary purpose is to receive money online.
  • We may have online payment accounts like PayPal, Payza, Perfect money and all the rest but it’s likely that in those accounts, we only have the payment option available to us, we don’t have the receive option, all because of the country that we reside. For Example: I am Nigerian, I have a Nigerian PayPal account, i was so happy when PayPal came to Nigeria in 2014. I opened the PayPal account, linked my Credit Card issued by my Local bank to it everything was good but there was a problem, i could only make payments with my PayPal account, i can’t receive money which means i can only go to stores like eBay, Target, Best Buy and purchase items – i can only be a buyer. I can’t be a seller because when i put my items up for sale on stores like eBay, how would i receive my money? This question goes along way to the one of the greatest problems of e-commerce. We can only spend, We can’t receive!


Introducing Payoneer

  • Payoneeer is an online financial services business that provides online money transfer from any company in the world right to your local bank account and they also engage in e-commerce service payments. Best part of all, Payoneer is free of charge, they offer free services which are too good to pass by.
    • Free Account Creation
    • You get a free US Bank account with routing number and all
    • You can get a Debit MasterCard from Payoneer for free that works on your local ATM machines
    • You get a free $25 referral bonus
    • …and many more


Why Should I Use Payoneer?

  • Account Registration is Free – You register an account for free
  • After registration, you would be a given a real US address for free which would act as your online bank account where all your received funds would be stored.
  • Money to paid to your account fast and easy without you signing documents.
  • You receive money instantly from friends, companies, websites, businesses or other e-commerce sites
  • You withdraw the money at ease at your local ATM Machine.

How Do I Receive Money From Companies With Payoneer?

  • Go to the Payoneer Website and Register an Account. It’s Free! To Register an account with Payoneer, Click on this LINK
  • Verify your account
  • Request for a Debit MasterCard. It’s also free! The Debit MasterCard takes less than 30 days to get delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world.
  • Activate your Debit MasterCard
  • After activation of the card, You use the card to redraw or check your balance in your local ATM machines.

Register at Payoneer today! To receive $25 free.

I have been using Payoneer for more than 5 years now and all my transactions has been to receive money, i have not paid in anything. It’s a nice change of pace from the usual norm of you having to pay, pay for everything. This time around, it is your turn to receive money from your friends, companies, websites, businesses, even Payoneer its pays you for your e-commerce service to them. Try Payoner – Receive Money Today!

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    • You receive your money in dollars but you can redraw your money in Naira in any ATM machine in Nigeria as long as you have your Payoneer Master Card.

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