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My Road To Diamond League In Modern Combat 5


Let me start by saying how good it feels to be in DIAMOND LEAGUE! Like the respect you receive from other players is simply heartwarming, not only that but you yourself actually have a feeling of accomplishment, you just completed one of the great hurdles of the game -Modern Combat 5.


I started “My road to diamond league” around 3 months back. I started in August 2015 and by November 2015, i reached DIAMOND LEAGUE in Modern Combat 5. As you can see when you reach the DIAMOND LEAGUE you are awarded more rewards – You get +1 SP and +7000 XP. Both of which was absolutely useless to me because i was already level 120, which is the max player level and i don’t need SP anymore because i have upgraded all my classes. So, everything in my account is pretty much maxed out.

  • Max Weapons
  • Max Weapons Attachments
  • Max Weapon Scores
  • Max XP
  • Max Weapon Classes
  • Max Soldier League Points (LP)
  • Max Achievements
  • Max Killsigns
  • Max Weapon Camo
  • Max Headgears and Masks
  • Max Grenade Types

diamond league

Currently, we the new updates Gameloft has released some new armors and suits, some of them more special than others. I have quite a few –

Classes Armors

  • Full Ares Heavy Armor
  • Full Anubis ¬†Assault Armor

Special Armors

  • Full Hazard Armor

I have others but they are not complete yet, so i don’t think they are worth mentioning. I wish i had more, well, i can always get more.

My Full Modern Combat 5 Biography

  • Name : PAULARO
  • Country : Nigeria (NG)
  • Level : 120 ( Spec Ops 20)
  • Campaign Story Progress: 82% (I don’t play campaign, My Bad!)
  • Service Stars: 149


    • Kills: 47,489 as at 11/18/2015 (Is still increasing)
    • Death: 17,37 (lol. still decreasing)
    • Kill/Death Ratio: 2.8 ( Very much still on the rise)
    • VIP kills: 12,274
    • Matches Won: 3702
    • Matches Lost: 342
    • Win/Lose Ratio: 11
    • Grenade Kills: 15,223 (lol, i’m a grenade noob)


  • Flag Captured: 45 (Not really a CTF Fan)
  • Matches Played: 4044
  • Total Time Played: 303 hours, 57 minutes, 29 seconds
  • Favorite Weapon: DBS 4 (Lie…)
  • Kills with Favorite Weapon : 3831
  • Total Grenade Kills : 15,755 (Campaign+Multiplayer)
  • Headshots : 5070

modern combat 5

I started from the bottom (Bronze League III) and now i’m at the Top (Diamond League)

road to diamond league

If you want to know how i went from Bronze League III to Diamond League, Read this very important Articles Below:

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That’s All… Remember! I’m waiting for you in Diamond League.

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