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Clash of Clans TH7 Dark Elixir Farming


Clash of Clans TH7 Dark Elixir Farming strategy is a requested post by my viewers and it is for the new Town hall 7 players that just upgraded and they really don’t understand what dark elixir is and how to effectively farm it. I remember when i initially wrote this article, i was in TH7 and i had found a good way of getting dark elixir through collectors and dead bases.

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TH7 Dark Elixir Farming

I have been playing clash of clans for over 3 months now and i must say it is a new game, good for taking up your time when you have a lot of free time. I have become quite addicted to this game and i have gotten better than when i started. I am now in TH7, almost maxed out my defenses and i now have a Level 5 Barbarian King which wasn’t esy to get because of Dark Elixir but i finally got that finally 20,000 Dark Elixir needed for the Barbarian King’s Level 5 upgrade which took 2 days. Getting Dark Elixir in clash of clans is not easy because it is the rarest of resources available in the game and it is usually protected. All Dark Elixir storage are usually behind walls upon walls, located at the center of the village, even the Town Hall  has been dethroned and put outside to lure attackers to get the free 12 hour shield.


I must say that farming dark elixir is not an easy job and it requires using a strategy, but you can always use any troop composition you want because it all depends on the opponent’s base. If his base is shitty, rushed with poor defenses and walls, even goblins could blast right through his base and get all the resources including the dark elixir but that case scenario only comes once in a blue moon. Most of the time when you want to farm dark elixir, you would see bases with the dark elixir storage located at the center of the base, you would have to break some walls, destroy some very annoying defenses like the splash damages defenses such as the mortar and wizard towers.

TH7 Dark Elixir Farming Strategy

  • You want to farm Dark Elixir effectively use BARCH strategy which consists of Barbarians and Archers plus 2 or 3 Lightening spells depending on the level of the lightening spells. I recommend using level 4 lightening spells but if you have level 3, it’s all good. I use BARCH because it’s cheap and fast to train. So, like every 10 minutes you get more than 500 Dark Elixir.
  • Your army should include Barbarians and Archers only! Archers should be more than the Barbarians because the Barbarians would protects the archers. So you need to deploy the barbarians first then the archers. The barbarians collects all the damage while the archers just sit back and loot away. It’s very effective. You are basically using the barbarians as decoys.


  • Don’t forget to carry along your lightening spells, I use lightening spells to destroy annoying splash defenses that can take out your troops in one swoop! I’m taking about the mortars and wizard towers, very effective and annoying defense when farming gold, elixir and dark elixir because they do the highest of damage and they can take out a bunch of a troops. So, i drop lightening spells on mortars until it’s destroyed, it may take 2 or 3 lightening spells depending on your level of lightening spells then i deploy my troops in the direction of the dark elixir storage and drill
  • When farming dark elixir, you can get it either from the main dark elixir storage itself or the dark elixir drills but you need to know when the drill is filled and when it’s empty and same goes for the storage. To know if the drill is full, look at the small container at the top of the drill, if it’s showing black, it’s filled with Dark elixir, if it’s showing the color white, it’s empty. Don’t bother attacking the drill, go straight for the dark elixir storage
Dark Elixir Storage is EMPTY


Dark Elixir Drill is FULL
  • After making up your mind on what to attack, either the drill or storage or both the drill and storage. don’t deploy your troops yet. There’s something you should always look out for when farming dark elixir and that is “Where the Dark Elixir Storage is located” because most of time, dark elixir would be inside the storage and you need to get to that storage.

clash of clans

  • In the picture above, the dark elixir storage is not entirely in the center of the base, that’s good and this is when you know you can attack this base and get this dark elixir. When the dark elixir isn’t at the center of the base, it’s easier to get to with BARCH but when it’s at the center of the base, it’s harder to get to. Click Next until you find and easy base with it’s dark elixir similarly positioned like the picture above. Then you deploy your troops. Remember! Barbarians first, then archers – “Let our boys protect our girls”

Clash of Clans Rocks!


  1. Really nice…I personally use earthquake spells to open up space for my troops to reach the DE storage.since i use DE to cook the spells Its like spending money to make more money

    • I haven’t unlocked Earthquake spells yet. i’m in TH7. This method is cheaper to use, plus using earthquake spell it farm DE is counter productive. As you said. Using DE to farm more DE. Not 100% productive but if it works for you. Keep at it. Guess you are in TH8 upwards.

  2. So I’m using this method and it’s quiet effective. Though I’m wondering if rage spells on barbarians could work? Any experience with this?

    • Rage spells on barbarians would work, depending on your aim. If it’s to break down walls, break buildings or shield the archers then the rage spell would work to that effect but that leaves you with more splash defenses to take down. Remember, that mortar can take down a bunch of your troops in on attack. Be careful when using rage spells. Also use rage spells for wall breakers to get to the center of the village to get that dark elixir.

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