How To ByPass Etisalat Speed Throttling in Tweakware

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  1. Efe says:

    i have tried everything you said to bypass the throttling but its still slow ….help please

    1. Paularo says:

      What Windows are you using? Windows 10?

      1. Efe says: 10

        1. Paularo says:

          You can’t bypass etisalat speed throttling with your modem, you need to use an android phone.

  2. favour says:

    after bypassing can i put it back in my computer

    1. Paularo says:

      Favour, after bypassing create hotspot and connect with your computer. If you remove the sim and put it in a modem to connect to our computer, it won’t work, you would still need to bypass again

      1. favour says:

        why cant i bypass on windows 10

        1. Paularo says:

          You can’t bypass on windows 10 because the developer of the software did not add windows 10 compatibility when creating the software

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