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How To ByPass Etisalat Speed Throttling in Tweakware



It’s a nice feeling when you have stable internet connection and also unlimited bandwidth to satisfy all your downloading. I personally love downloading, i use a minimum of 10GB per day on my PC alone, i still obey the bandwidth rules on my android device, well you could say i am legal when it comes to my Android device. Legit Internet Connection.

You may already have a hint of what i’m talking about. Like how it is possible to download 10GB Per day? I’m sure you are asking yourself “What internet plan is this guy on”. To know more about that, Read ThisĀ Tweakware BetaSlat ETISALAT-NG Free Browsing on PC.

In my earlier post mentioned above, i introduce you guys to Etisalat Free Unlimited Browsing which is awesome and all but the reason i’m writing this post is some of us can’t seem to get fast internet speed. I am providing a solution to the slow speed so you can enjoy fast free unlimited browsing.

Let’s Get Started

  • When you first subscribe, you get fast up link and down link transfer rate but it all begins when you receive this message “You have attained your SmartPak data usage limit. Speed throttling restriction now applies…”


  • After you receive the message, speed throttling takes effect and your internet speed will be capped and everything becomes slow.

bypass etisalat speed throttling

  • At this point, FOR PC USERS
    • Stop BetaSlat, disconnect your modem
    • Connect your modem then immediately start BetaSlat.
    • Open YouTube and watch a video or start a download, check your modem down link, it should more than 1.0 mbps. This means you have successfully bypassed Speed throttling.
    • If your modem down link is still around 200-300 kbps and your video is buffering or the download speed is between 20-30 kbps, means you haven’t bypassed it. You need to follow the above steps, redo it up to 5 times. If by the 6th times, disconnecting the speed is still throttling, Restart your PC!
  • For Android USERS
    • Off your mobile data
    • Turn it back ON.
    • Make sure Tweakware VPN is connected
    • Launch Facebook app or YouTube app, and watch a video or a better option, try and download a file, keep your eyes on the download speed. If the download speed passes 30kbps, Congratulations! You have successfully bypassed slow throttling.


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