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Etisalat Free Browsing On Android Using Tweakware


It’s a new era, one of free unlimited browsing on Etisalat-NG using Tweakware Android APK. Well it’s not technical free because you would need to buy credit and pay for Tweakware VPN Premium Account, all which won’t cost you much. Think of it as a very good investment plan.


Why Should I Use Tweakware VPN?

  • With Tweakware VPN, your real IP address is concealed. No one can know your real location and you can bypass the IP Location based limitations.
  • You are free to view any site without fear that someone is monitoring your every move.
  • With Tweakware VPN, there are no limitations when you surfing the internet, what i mean is, all those inaccessible sites you couldn’t visit before, with Tweakware you can visit them without any problems.
  • With Tweakware VPN, you can achieve Total Internet Freedom because nobody is watching you!

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  • an Android Device running 4.0 and above
  • Tweakware apk
  • Tweakware Premium Account
  • Etisalat Sim
  • Etisalat N100 Recharge Card

Let’s Get Started

  • Download Tweakware Android APK from Google Play Store
  • Subscribe to Etisalat Chat Pack, Daily code is *200*3*3*2*1*1# and it costs N100. While i recommend the Weekly Subscription which is N300, Dial *343*6*8#.
  • Install and open Tweakware Android APK


  • Go to “Settings”


  • Click on “Bundled Settings”


  • Click on “Select Bundled Setting” and choose with the network of your choice but in this tutorial, we are looking at Etisalat Free Browsing on Android using Tweakware, so we select “NG ETISALAT CHAT PACK”.


  • Go back to Settings Page and Click on “Account Settings”. This is where you input your Tweakware VPN’s Username and Password. I advice upgrading your free account to a premium account to enjoy faster surfing and downloading speed and other premium servers like a vast array of premium servers to choose from.

Etisalat Free Browsing

  • Go back to the main Tweakware VPN Android APK screen and Select the server of your choose. If one server fails to connect, try another server, that’s why we have so many servers to enable you have a choice and not be stuck trying to connect to only one server!

Etisalat Free Browsing

  • Click on Connect.
  • Congratulations! You are welcomed to the community of Etisalat Free Browsing. Enjoy your stay!

For more information, Visit Tweakware Official Website


  1. My psiphon handler suddenly stopped working while my monthly Etisalat social pak still has 2week to expire. I immediately switch to tweakware. The problem now is it always losing connection with difficulty of reconnection. Please what should I do to make it stable and fast?

    • I use Tweakware and i can say it’s working fine. So, let me offer you some solutions
      1. Update your Tweakware app to the latest version
      2. Make sure you are on a Premium account to full enjoy the services that Tweakware has to offer
      3. Locate where you can get the best Etisalat Network Bar around you

  2. Please, how do I get the tweakware premium easily. I have been trying but not working. And will my download become faster if I successfully upgrade to premium. Can’t even try downloading anything now cos it will take forever to finish.

    • Ben, you can upgrade to Tweakware premium through the Tweakware android app, all you have to do is make payment using your MasterCard or visa card and you get a premium account valid for 30 days. To make the speed faster, you need to bypass etisalat speed throttling and there are number of ways to do that. But not all of them works.

  3. Please, I don’t know if its peculiar to me alone. My tweakware and psiphon have stopped connecting and my sub is still running. Please can you help, I really need this Etisalat tweak. Etisalat is the only network that is sane in my area. Please help me with something.

        • You need to do or check the following things;
          1. Check if your Etisalat sub is till active
          2. Check your Access Point Settings and make sure it’s the correct APN settings
          3. Update your Tweakware VPN and make sure you have updated your Phisphon settings to the latest one to get it working.
          4. Are you using a Premium Tweakware Account?

          • Thanks Sir, for taking out time to read and reply me complaints. I really appreciate. Please I don’t know or have the updated APN and psiphon settings. Please, can you help me with it, that is if I am not asking for too much already. This is my WhatsApp number-07036373322 if you choose to personalize it. Thanks.

  4. Ben, i’m sorry but i don’t have the new phisphon settings because i don’t use it anymore. But with Tweakware it works because the new settings have already been configured inside.

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