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How To Use iPhone as a USB Flash Drive Using iFunbox


iFunbox is a free app and file management tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. It is available on Windows and Mac OSX and did i forget to say that it’s free! You can use iFunbox with both Jailbreaked and non-jailbreaked devices.


iFunbox is a very powerful software which i have been using for over 5 years now and up till today, it hasn’t failed me. I use iFunbox for many reasons because it has such a wide array of features, it can seriously perform so many tasks, just this singular app can turn your dead boring iPhone, iPad or iPod device into a bubbling, full of life, down to earth, active and appealing iPhone.

Maybe before or currently your iPhone seems boring to you, all you do is chat all day, play some few boring free games you downloaded from apple store. Well, i can’t stress this enough iPhones, iPads and iPods all are prison, i always tell my friends using an iPhone or iPad or iPod that “You are in prison”. When you buy an iPhone, iPad or iPod it’s like you see the prison ahead and you voluntarily with your own legs, walked into the prison and request for life in prison sentence. It may seem funny to you but the fact is i’m serious and i’m not saying you shouldn’t buy an iPhone, iPad or iPod or whatever, all i’m saying is that after you buy it, make sure you Jailbreak it! Jailbreak, just as the name sounds, literally means “Prison Break” which goes perfectly with my analogy earlier about you willingly sentencing yourself to a prison.


This tutorial isn’t really about Jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad and the likes, today we simply want to look at “How you can use your iPhone, and the likes as a USB Flash drive without using iTunes”. Using the iPhone as a USB Flash Drive enables you browse your device the files inside your iPhone or iPad, Copy and paste ¬†with fast transfer speed files from your iPhone to your PC and from your PC back to your iPhone, Back and Forth like you would do when using a normal USB Flash drive.


  • Install .IPA apps and games both for jailbreaked and non-jailbreaked iPhones
  • Import and Export images, songs, videos from your PC to iPhone and vice versa
  • Use iPhone as a USB Flash Drive
  • Manage Files such as Songs, Videos, Pictures, Chats etc.


Let’s Get Started

  • Download iFunbox from Here
    • Download either for Windows or Mac OSX. It all depends on the Operating system you have.
  • Install and run the software
  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC using a USB cable
  • Go to “iFunbox Classic” Tab
  • Click on “General Storage”


  • There you would see your iPhone device appear like any other generic USB Flash drive devices out there.
  • Simply, Copy and Paste!

Visit Official Page to know more about them.

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