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How To Make PC Games Run Faster With GameGain


This is very good opportunity for those with lower system specifications, who are interested in running PC Games higher than what their system is normally used it. You want to run latest games on your PC, but your system isn’t fast enough, the graphics isn’t enough the game lags and jitters, You are in the right place because in this tutorial, i am going to teach you “How To Make PC Games Run Faster using GameGain”.

make pc games run faster

This tutorial isn’t magic, so if your system is truly dead, outdated no matter what you do, you can’t make it better. This tutorial is meant for those that already have good systems and just want a slight performance boost when playing PC Games. It all depends on the PC Games you are playing as there is a big difference between playing Super Mario and Nba 2k16 on your PC. Both games run differently and both use different amount of system resources. Super Mario uses very little system resources, graphics, speed and all while a game like Nba 2k16 uses a whole lot more!

How It Works

  • Install and Run the software


  • Select your Operating System
  • Select your Processor, If you don’t know your processor. Go to “This PC” or “My Computer”, Right Click”Properties”. There you will see what your processor is. There are also a lot of ways to check your processor but i believe i just gave you the most easier and simple way.
  • Select the “Speed Setting”. You have different options like “Normal Boost” or “Maximum Boost”. Select the one you want.
  • Click on Optimize Now. That will put what you choose as your Operating System, Processor and Speed Setting in operation, using those specific options to optimize your system. Remember, this isn’t magic!

Visit PGWare Official Website and make your PC games run faster!


    • For more stable online gaming. I recommend using a 4G Internet connection like Spectranet or Swift. But i use MTN to play COD:MW2 Online without lag. Using tweakware would give you lag but using it at peek hours like early morning hours. it would be fast without lag. GameGain is for offline gaming.

    • Hello, Gaius. The main difference are in the little things especially when you don’t already have a GPU. Mainly for those that need little boost because GameGain isn’t magic.

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