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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Has Been Released



This should be good news to all Pro Evolution Soccer fans all over the world, the latest edition to the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise has been released. Pro Evolution Soccer 16 is said to the best soccer game ever created, but we all know that is actually over-hyped. Lovers of this gaming franchise Pro Evolution Soccer, love the game for it’s unique gameplay prowess but sadly that all ended 3-4 years ago, when that said gameplay was abandoned and Pro Evolution Soccer was re-branded. This re-branding came altogether with a new gameplay, physics and all new game elements. Till today some Pro Evolution Soccer fans still believe that Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 was the best game the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise could produce, but that may change today with the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 which of course, is an improvement long coming from Pro Evolution Soccer 14 and 15. This year KONAMI says it would be better, well, that’s for you and i to find out.


I was originally a Pro Evolution Soccer fan because it was the first soccer game i ever played, if i remember correctly, i played it on my Sony PlayStation 2 then, PES 6. It was really amazing and of course it blew my mind because that was the first time i ever played a soccer game on my Sony PlayStation 2. I had played other soccer games on previous consoles like SEGA Console with the Shibata Goal Goal Goal, if you remember, Sony PlayStation which i played Winning Eleven 7 and so on.


I continued being a Pro Evolution Soccer fan, playing across different platforms, consoles and also across different editions of Pro Evolution Soccer till the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 14. Before the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 14, my friends urged me to try FIFA but i was reluctant because i believed in loyalty and plus, i really enjoyed the game. I acknowledged my friends and tried FIFA, i think it was FIFA 13 or 14, i was not impressed so i went back to my Pro Evolution Soccer 13 and continued enjoying the killer gameplay and dynamics, physics, the long-balls, threw-passes, shoots, dribbling, running and all.

The year was 2014 and it was about that time for the release of yet another awesome gaming edition in the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise which was Pro Evolution Soccer 14 or so we thought. We all, i mean Pro Evolution Soccer fans patiently anticipated the arrival of Pro Evolution Soccer 14 but to our uttermost amazement, the game was restructured! Well, we saw the trailers and also the reviews but we remained loyal and optimistic believing that Pro Evolution Soccer 14 would be as awesome as it’s predecessor but we were wrong.


I downloaded or should i say, i bought Pro Evolution Soccer 14 and when i played the game for the first time, i was instantly reminded of the FIFA gameplay i experienced sometime ago, i was outraged, well not really outraged more like disappointing in KONAMI for messing up what was a great game, we hoped it would get better by the release of the next edition which was Pro Evolution Soccer 15 but it still the same crap! So, i played FIFA again and i found out that FIFA was better than Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and that was how i abandoned PES and started playing FIFA and i am sure most of other PES fans did the same.


We are still optimistic and eager to play Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, we feel it would be better.

  • You can buy Pro Evolution Soccer 16 at Steam
  • Also, read reviews before buying at IGN so you know if the game is worth buying or not.

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