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How To Get League Points Faster in Modern Combat 5


Modern Combat 5 Blackout is the latest edition in the Modern Warfare franchise and is seen as the best FPS on the android platform today!

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I remember when i started playing Modern Combat 5 (MC5), my very first account which was SEK|PAULARO had 1.5+ Kill/Death ratio (KDr). I was a good player overall but i was stuck in Bronze League III. Back then i did not know there was something called Promotion in MC5, i was just playing for fun and all, not watching my KDr and the likes. It was fun, but the point i’m trying to make is that back then more than a year ago i was in Bronze League III but just only a few months ago i left Bronze League III and now i’m currently in Diamond League.

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How Do i Get League Points Faster in Modern Combat 5

Before we jump right into what you need to do and what you need not to do, there are a few things you must have before you can fully get LP points faster in Modern Combat 5 and also this method can also be used to increase your KDr in Modern Combat 5.


  • 2 Android devices both running 4.0 Android Version and above. You need more than one android device for this to work.
  • Both Android device should have WiFi and WiFi Hotspot connectivity options
  • Strong and Stable WiFi or Mobile Connection
  • More than one google account to link to your Modern Combat 5 accounts, if you want or or can just play as GUEST.
  • Patience, for without Patience you would grow bored and frustrated.
  • Handwork, you need to be a hard worker to be able to farm this LP points.




  • Install Modern Combat 5 on both android device
  • Have a strong and stable WiFi and connect to both devices to or use your mobile network for the 2 devices by creating WiFi Hotspot on one device and connect to this WiFi network with your 2nd device
  • Open Modern Combat 5 on both device, Assuming one of these 2 accounts is your main account while the other is the newly created account, after setting up your newly created that means playing the compulsory first missions, choose your name and locate your main account.
  • To locate your main account, both android device should be online at the same time, post in the global chat, then send a friend request, then you are good to go.
  • All you need to do now is, Create a party with your new account, invite your main account and play. With each match you get +10 League Points. That’s sufficient to get you promoted, if you keep at it for days, weeks.




Download Modern Combat 5 Blackout for Android devices Here

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  1. Dude …! you said we need to have a another device but it can be done like this by creating a party with our mc5 friends To be honest i actually i didn’t get you, what i understood is if i Create a party with a friend ( present mc5 friend ) if he accepts it and plays the match with me then if we win or lose or if we kill or don’t kill we will get 10 LP uh ?? is that it ????

    BTW this lp thing is really annoying you know even if i’m the top most in the match , i get minus LP that too -25 or -18 or even -32 sometimes but why the hell it happens i don’t understand if you know how exactly the solder LP works please do let me or other know it clearly ..!

    • Here is how the Soldiers League Point work;

      1. You get +10 LP points when you play very well in an multiplayer mode. Understand this crucial point – It doesn’t matter if you win or lose the multiplayer match, all you need to worry yourself about is if you are overall best in the match or second best. The overall best receives 10+ LP, Second best receives +2 LP. The 3rd downward receives negative points starting from -6 up to -32 or more. So, don’t take last place. lol

      2. When you create a party, no one else can join that game, it’s now like a private game, so, you can get a friend’s phone and create a party, where you can just be killing him over and over again. When the match ends, you get your sweet easy +10 LP.

      That’s all.

      • thank you very much now i got it 🙂 but some time even when i’m the first & best in the match it gives negative points something like -10 to -8 but why ?

        • You get negative points, even after you finished top on the list, is because one person in the opponent’s team did better than you, and although you are the overall best in kills/deaths and even had the best points but you still get negative points is because the person played better than you. Before the match ends, the points then are the deciding points, after you win a multiplayer match you get bonus point of +500. If during the match, your points were lower than one person in the opposing team, you would still get negative points. So watch the points before the end of the match and verify what i just told you. Please subscribe to my site. Thanks

  2. I have a problem with my MC 5. I installed the game on my Android phone. When the game loads to some extent it forecloses. What’s d problem with it?

  3. I am doing very well in multiplayer games yet I am demoted and still stuck in bronze league. Is this because I play on an iPad?

    • No, Kaleb2202. The reason you are getting demoted is not because you are using an ipad but it is because you don’t have the required Soldier League Points for you to get promoted. Only the top 10 players get promoted every week.

  4. Iam having 2876 lp bronze 3 but iam = 16959 rank now how can I know how much more lp for promote?
    And i subbed you bud ur great!:)

    • Tenzin Thupten, Thanks for the subscription. For you to know how much LP needed for promotion, you need to be among the Top 100 but i have friends with 13,000 LP about to get promoted, this week. They tell me you need at least 12000 LP to leave Bronze League III. Thanks for your comments, Please tell your friends.

      • Roger it bud looks it’s though need to spend more times..And buddy do you know any good apps for quick reedem Money by apps?

        • Yes, you need to invest a lot of time to play the VIP mode, use Heavy Class with LGR during VIP matches and i don’t know any good apps for quick redeem money, Sorry.

  5. Hello there…i need to understand something with the league points…how can i gain more than only 10 LP after a multiplayer match?Can u help me?

    • Hi, Panos. You can get more than 10 LP after a multiplayer match, How you get it – You get more than 10LP per a multiplayer match when someone on the opposing team has a higher league rank than you. For Example. Imagine you are in Bronze League III and you encounter someone in Silver or Gold or Higher Leagues, if you play well and you turn out to be the overall best in that match, you can get as high as +18LP or +24LP, depending on how many higher league opponents you have. Hope this has helped?

  6. How thing I use for best shoting I have joystick and best pr39 and shotgun but opsite team is kill me with one shot but I open all magzin and than died

    • I also use a controller or joystick too, i use a wireless ps3 controller, it’s very good. Set your sensitivity to 100%

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