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Shoptomydoor Now Has SMS Alert


Shoptomydoor is shipping service that provides international freights and shipping services to customers that buy goods from one country and want it delivered to another country. I still use shoptomydoor, there services are good and prices are affordable.

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I received an email this morning from Shoptomydoor titled “New Enhancements To Your Account“, i was eager to read the email and i was impressed when i saw that Shoptomydoor now provides SMS Alert. This SMS Alert is to provide support and on-the-go status update on your shipments. It’s a faster way of getting updated about your items, there’s no need for Internet access to check your emails, all you need to do is verify your phone number and you start receiving SMS alerts when there’s an update on your shipment.

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The SMS Alerts system was created and implemented due to popular demands and this system has an immediacy effect to it, Just as you receive bank debit and credit alerts, in Shoptomydoor you receive an SMS alert when an item is received in your warehouse, that is when your item gets delivered to Shoptomydoor, you get an SMS Alerts Saying ” We receive a box from UPS containing one cell phone and with tracking number 1z9488477730987″ for example.



The new SMS Alert system isn’t totally free, it cost $0.99 that’s 99 cents, not up to $1. That’s totally affordable by all, very low price compared to other shipping companies that charge up to $5, for this same service. Maybe the price would increase in future, we can only wait and see if they would stick to there original $0.99 for SMS Alert charge.

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In the email, they justified the reason for the $0.99 SMS Alert charge, they said and i quote “This 99 cents covers all items received in any delivery from Fedex, UPS or any other carrier irrespective of the number of items in the delivery. Please note that this covers all items in each delivery. This extra charge is to cover the cost of SMS updates to you and the time, energy and effort expended by your warehouse personnel to ensure that every single item received in your warehouse is accurate



The $0.99 SMS Alert charge is a constant fee, that means no matter the size, weight, quantity and price of your item, you still get the same $0.99 charge.

Visit Shoptomydoor Official Website for more information.

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