How I Got Google Adsense Approval Within 2 Month

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  1. David says:

    Great article, from what i have seen, you have just showned me the reason why i have been getting disapproved by google adsense.

    But also can you give me a tip on how i can get images for my blog that i am going to start very soon, because i learnt that copying images from google is illegal for adsense and i need u to tell me how i can overcome any image copyright or how i can create images by myself .
    I’m looking forward to your response?

    1. Paularo says:

      Hi, David. I am glad my article was of help to you. Please can you share the reason you think Google Adsense disapproved your application?

      For bypassing image copyright and how I do it, is I use Adobe Photoshop to create most of my featured images making them unique and free from copyright.

      Also, If you don’t have time to create images and want to use any image off the internet, please make sure you are using a copyright free image.

      1. David says:

        How will i be able to identify a copyright free image?

        1. Paularo says:

          Generally search copyright free sites. Avoid using images with watermark

      2. david says:

        And also, if i save any image on google and edit on photoshop by adding images and text on it, have i bypassed the copyright ish?

        1. Paularo says:

          I believe so.

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