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Recommended Beginners WordPress Plugins


Recommended Beginners WordPress Plugins for people new to WordPress. I am more or less still a WordPress beginner when i wrote this article, i learn new things everyday and i’m glad it’s my turn to teach someone else for a change – Recommended WordPress Plugins For Beginners. Impacting knowledge has a good feeling, i am just starting to see what drives our teachers, lecturers to keep on teaching. They say our rewards is in heaven, but we mainly teach for the joy of impacting the knowledge we gained in someone’s life to make that person better.

Beginners WordPress Plugins

When i started blogging on WordPress which was a few months ago, i didn’t know anything about Plugins because i was coming from blogger, then we used to do everything manually, add CSS codes, edit them manually, add  HTML codes, i still remember how much i edited my theme.html code while i was in blogger. It was hectic, well this was over 2 years ago, i don’t know how things are in blogger right now and i personally hope that there has been some improvements. Well my experience in Blogger was with another website, it’s pretty much dead now because i was busy with school work and all but now, I’ve got time.

So, i started NairaTips some months back on WordPress, and even then i still did not know about the existence of Plugins and how they made one’s life easier, but after a few google searches and with the help of WPBeginner i learnt about the existence of Plugins and how sweet and easy they make blogging.

As a WordPress beginner, i won’t be surprised if in your first few months, you do either of this 2 things

  1. Make use of no Plugins at all because you don’t know about it’s existence
  2. Use too much Plugins because you are over existed about them and you just can’t help yourself to reduce but only see yourself adding new ones.

Funny enough, both of these happened to me, it was quite an experience but i came out of both more knowledgeable and a better person. This brings me to today’s Blogging Tip which is Recommended Plugins for WordPress Beginners.

Recommended Beginners WordPress Plugins

The following are Beginners WordPress Plugins for those with new blogs or wordpress sites and want to quick guide on the right plugins to use right off the bat.

  • Very Important Plugin JetPack which has a lot of features like Downtime Monitoring, Mobile Site Optimization, Site stats and so much more useful features.
  • Security Plugin: Use Wordfence to block spam comments
  • For Search Engine Optimization: Use WordPress SEO by Yoast to rank higher for particular keywords or keyphrases in Google Searches, Bing and Yahoo

Happy Blogging!

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