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Android Rooting Benefits: Reasons to Root Your Android


Android Rooting Benefits, you need to know the various reasons why you should root your Android phone or tablet. Android rooting gives you alot of advantage over a non rooted android device. You will surpass the limit of a normal android user and start using customized functions beyond what your phone was originally meant to do.

You still don’t know what is? Read this Article What is Android Root.

Android Rooting Benefits

Let’s go straight to the point, we are taking a more direct approach in this post. You can read more on Android Tweaks That Still Requires Rooting.

Android Rooting Benefits: Reasons to Root Your Android

  • Use the latest Android Version: With Rooted devices and Custom ROMs, you can experience the latest Android version which is v7.1 Nougat even when your Android phone or tablet’s update hasn’t been officially released yet or you are using an outdated android device, you can still experience and enjoy new features when you use the Latest Android versions through Custom ROMs.
  • Install Custom ROMS: With a rooted Android phone or tablet, you can easily install a custom ROM which gives additional features to your Android device because most Custom ROMs installations require a Custom Recovery Mode like CMW, Philz etc used to format, flash and update Stock ROMs and install Custom ROMs too. Most people install Custom ROMs when they grow bored of their Stock ROM’s appearance. Read more about What is a Custom ROM?
  • Rooted devices are open to some Android features only Admin access can get you. An example is Changing your IMEI, mostly all rooted device can change their IMEI easily but non-rooted devices have to go through a longer, more detailed process.
  • Full Android System Backup and Restore; Backup your apps’ data, your pictures, music,videos,installed apps and save everything as a single backup, when restored, it looks like nothing ever happened. Very useful
  • Complete Removal of Bloatware apps; Generally speaking, Bloatware apps are pre-installed apps installed by the phone’s manufacturers to promote their own apps and other sponsored apps on their android device. Normally, you can’t disable and uninstall bloatware apps but with root access, you can remove bloatware apps, clear up RAM space and make your android device faster.
  • Get Full File System Access; You get the power to access anything you want to access. No more restrictions.
  • Manage Apps Permissions; Acquiring root access gives you control over app’s permissions on your android device.
  • Adblock; Ads are annoying, and they come with almost every free app. With root access, you can disable ads by downloading an ad blocking app that requires root access.
  • Use Android Root Exclusive Apps: One very good reasons to root is that you get to use some exclusive Android apps that only works on Rooted Android phones or tablets and these apps perform specific very important features or can help you do something that normally would be impossible for a non-rooted device.

Why You Should Not Root Your Android

There are also reasons not to root your android device but if you can overlook these reasons, you can enjoy all the benefits i mentioned above. These reasons are below:

  • You void your warranty with your seller: This means if you phone is covered with warranty, rooting is removes the warranty.
  • You void warranty with the manufacturers of the phone or tablet.
  • For Samsung users: Not rooting properly triggers Samsung Knox security protocol.


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