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How to Become an Android Root User


How to Become an Android Root User is a guide to prepare scared minds about Android root, terms and how it’s done because even tho is 2017 now, most people still haven’t rooted their Android device while others don’t even believe in it.

Well you should know that the Android Root System is based on Linux. Want to know more about the Android System? Read What is Android ROM.

Android Root

I’m sure many of us already know about Android Root, How to root and you even rooted a few android devices yourself, Yay! Good for you. This article are for those that want to know more about Android Root before they root their phones, they want assurance and guarantee maybe because of how scared they are, they think ‘if i root my phone, i may damage it’.  lol. Very funny.

When you root your phone you become the root user and since Android itself is based on Linux and just like in all other linux based operating systems you become the Administrator, just like in Windows. This means when you become a root user by rooting your phone, you now have total control over your Android device and all it’s exploits.

Normally Android devices don’t come rooted, unless it’s a custom Rom which has been pre-rooted already, Want to know more about Custom ROMs? Read What is a Custom ROM.

Every Android device comes with a “root user” account but there’s no built in way to access the root user, No official way. This brings us to “Rooting“.

How to Become an Android Root User

Rooting is simply the act of gaining access to your android root user account and there are so many ways to do this, which would be discussed on another article. But for now, i leave you with the knowledge of What Android Root is…

You want more knowledge. Read this article How To Root Your Android.


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