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Know More About The Android Stock ROM


A Stock ROM is a type of Android ROM that most android users are exposed to because whenever you buy a new android device, it automatically comes with its own branded Android ROM. For Example, You buy a new Samsung Phone, lets say a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, what comes installed inside as the software/System image/Operating System is the Stock ROM.


If you are curious about what makes up an android device, you are sure to have come across someone mention “Stock ROM”and you get confused, that ends today. because today is all about stock Android ROMs.

As we have so many different Android Smartphone and Tablets because the Android OS is open-source which means Open-To-All to manipulate, tweak, do as they deem fit to achieve new discoveries and unlimited possibilities, so also we have so many different Stock Android ROMs, each Stock ROM is customized and branded by the manufacturer of the Android Smartphone or Tablet company. So, each android manufacturing company has its own ROM.

Different Types of Stock ROM

  • Samsung ROM

Samsung Stock ROM

  • Sony Xperia ROM

Sony Stock ROM




Infinix Stock ROM

Huawei Stock ROM


Stock ROMs consists of;

  • System Image – Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop
  • Pre-Installed Apps – Contacts, Message, File Manager, Calender, Google Apps, Samsung Apps, Sony Apps, HTC apps, it depend on the brand.
  • User Interface – Samsung (TouchWiz), HTC (Sense), Sony (Xperia) …
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