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Since we are still talking about security and preventive measures, it is important you know that not everyone on the internet wants to scam you and take away all your money, so don’t be paranoid. There are companies out there with the sole purpose of safeguard your interest, me interest, our interest. You just have to identify which sites have such securities. That’s where SSL comes in.

The full meaning of S.S.L is Secure Sockets Layer. It’s job is that it provides a secured connection between internet browsers and the websites allowing the safe transmission of private data online like credit card information, login details, paypal information, and so on.


How Do I Know Sites That Have HTTPS SSL Security?

Sites with S.S.L security display a padlock in your browser’s URL bar and also a green address bar is secured by EV certificate.

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Who Uses HTTPS SSL Security?

The S.S.L protocol or security is used by millions of e-commerce businesses to provide a safe environment for their customers to share their private data without fear of being hacked. Basically, to ensure confidentiality of your information, it’s more like Attorney-Client privilege.


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